Hotel Room View in Savannah

Hotel Room View in Savannah
The view from our room in Savannah Georgia!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tybee Island Light Station and Museum Tybee Island Georgia

We spent a day on Tybee Island and visited the very famous Tybee Island Light House!

We got there VERY early on a hot day, but we still wanted to make the stair climb to the top.  We were told that there were around 178 steps, and, on this day, it seemed like twice that.

We bought our tickets and made our way up.  There is a landing/place to rest every 25 steps or so, so its actually not that bad.  Also, it did seem to get cooler as we went up.

The steps are a bit skinny though...  at least they seem skinny as people are walking both up and down on them.  On our way back down, we did have to stand towards the center of the stairs to allow groups with small kids to walk up and continue using the hand rail.  This might be a tough situation for people with claustrophobia issues on a crowded day.

There was a great view of the area once at the top.  There were some interesting views through the windows on the way up too.  Of course, once we were at the top, there is that scary feeling as you realize how far up you are.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Tybean Art and Coffee Bar, Tybee Island Georgia

Tybean Art and Coffee Bar on Tybee Island was open at 8 while we were in the area, and we were so glad about that!  We like to get a good, early start, and, since we got to town early...  we were just glad that they were doing their thing!

The inside of their shop is small...  there was a line of maybe 5 people when we went in, which seemed much bigger than it was.  The line moved fast though.

This coffee shop has a very cool octopus logo, and they have made the most of their branding.  I couldn't resist a small logo sticker and a coffee mug.  Coffee mugs have become my thing to pick up at cool coffee shops and B&Bs lately (my wife hates this and insists that there is no more room for them at our house).

There was a very nice area outside for coffee drinking.  Though it was a hot day, there was plenty of shade thanks to some trees here.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tybee Island Georgia

After driving down through Greenville and Charleston South Carolina, we made our way to Tybee Island Georgia!  This was our first trip to Tybee Island, though it is pretty close to Savannah (you could think of it as Savannah's bonus round).  Anyway, if we would have known how great this island was, I am sure we would have visited before.

We stopped by the Tybee Island Visitor Center first, and this has to be one of the friendliest visitor centers anywhere!  I didn't catch her name, but there was a very sweet lady who obviously loves living on the island, and she told us all about the place.  AND, the visitor center has FREE postcards!  I thank that is a HUGE bonus!  They also had several racks of brochures about things to do on the island AND in Savannah.  This was a really nice stop for us when we first got to the island.

We drove around some, ate at a great restaurant, and visited several of the main attractions in town.  More on all of that later, but I am really glad that we were able to spend some time on Tybee Island.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Magnolia Cemetery in North Charleston, South Carolina

We drove through the amazingly ornate Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston South Carolina to visit the final resting place of the Hunley Crew.

Here are just a few photos we took.

Friday, September 21, 2018

HL Hunley in North Charleston South Carolina

Visiting the H.L. Hunley has been VERY high on my list of things to do for some time!

Much has been written about the HL Hunley.  The crew, the sub's accomplishment, and its being lost and found are the subject of MANY books.

Everything about this submarine is fascinating, and you really should look it up in detail, but, I will tell you some of the basics.

The HL Hunley was the first submarine to sink a ship in war.  The Confederate HL Hunley sank the USS Housatonic, which went down in 5 minutes.  The Hunley would not be seen again until over a century later.

AND, THREE crews suffered fatalities on the Hunley- the 2nd and third (the final crew in the lost sub) crews losing all 8 crew members.

After the Hunley was lost, it wouldn't be seen again until 1995, and it would take another 5 years to get her out of the water.  Even then, very special equipment would be needed for that purpose.

Even finding her involves some controversy.  One shipwreck hunter, E. Lee Spence claimed to find it in 1970.  Author Clive Cussler claimed to have discovered it in 1995.  Debates and lawsuits would follow.

Now, it is at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. It is in a tank, and from my understanding, it is pretty much soaking in a solution during the weekends.  On the weekdays, they are working on it directly, trying to restore and preserve it.

So, it is only available for visitors to see on the weekends.  You can't just stop by and see it whenever.  They actually have tour groups coming in, at timed breaks,  to see and hear about it on Saturdays and Sundays.

We did a tour as we were in the area, and it was very cool getting to see it, even in a tank.  And, if it is ever fixed up and ready to display in a museum, we can say that we saw it while they were still working on it!

There is a great museum here too, where various displays about the Hunley are set up.  There is a model that was used for a movie.  You can get in and see how tight the sub was for its crew.  It is interesting to note that the replica is actually 10 percent bigger than the actual sub.....

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bessinger's Barbeque in Charleston South Carolina

A few years ago, we were able to stop by Melvin's Barbeque in South Carolina.  There are SEVERAL barbeque places in South Carolina that are linked to the Bessinger family.  Different siblings have started their own BBQ places.

Anyway, on this trip we were able to swing by Bessinger's Barbeque in Charleston.

I love places like this.  Great BBQ, and they just give ya a lot of tasty food.

Everything was great, and there was a LOT of it.  I came close to finishing mine, but I couldn't get it all.

The Scarefest in Lexington KY

I attended Scarefest here in Lexington again this year.  In general, I really enjoy this horror/paranormal convention.

I have to say that I think the crowd was smaller this year.  There was still a good crowd and all, but I know I have seen more people show up in previous years.  I know that this year, Scarefest was the same weekend as the Mothman Festival.  I am sure that affect some attendance.

I went with a friend and we just kind of checked things out.  I did find some very cool original art vendors here...  In fact, I think that is mostly what I went for.

I met Pizzaface at the Comic Con last year and picked up some of her pins and stickers.  I bought a few more this year, as she has really done some nice stuff.  Most of her art is inspired by the old Halloween masks you would wear as a kid!  Check out her art here!

Right next to her was the duo Beast Wreck.  I also picked up several pins and stickers from them...  many of which had a vintage Halloween feel.  They also had some odd mash-up type pins and stickers. 

I FINALLY picked up my very own Sasquatch action figure from CreatuReplica.  Glad to see that these were still available.

Lastly, I bought a couple of books from author Richard Estep.  Richard has written several books on haunted places.  I am sure I will mention them when I finish each one.  Anyway, I have had some real hit or miss experiences with ghost and haunted books (some are terrible and involve no actual research) but after talking to Richard briefly, I felt confident picking up a couple of books.

Anyway, here are a few photos I took while I was there!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Andersonville Georgia USA by Peggy Sheppard

We visited Andersonville a few years ago while driving through Georgia, so I was pretty excited about finding this nice little book on the old Civil War prison recently!

"Andersonville Georgia USA" by Peggy Sheppard is well under 100 pages, and is a very quick read, but I thought it was a nice, basic intro to the prison and how it influenced the town.  I am guessing the book sold well too, as my copy is a 15th printing, 2001 version.

Anyway, author Peggy Sheppard gives a small section to all of the major names associated with Andersonville.  She devotes a good section to the debate over Henry Wirz and his responsibility for the living conditions there.  She also covers the monument placed in his honor.  Clara Barton, and her observations at Andersonville are also covered.  There is an interesting chapter on clergy at the prison too!

Later events in the area, after the Civil War, come up in the book.  I was very interested in a story about a man who leaves a very generous donation to an Andersonville Church- after one visit!

This is a nice little volume that covers the basics of Andersonville.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Field and Stream North Charleston, South Carolina

While we were exploring North Charleston South Carolina, we stumbled into the Field and Stream store!

They had a huge selection of hunting, fishing and camping items.  They also had some very elaborate taxidermy displayed!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Charleston RiverDogs- Charleston South Carolina

The Charleston RiverDogs weren't playing while we were in town.  We still stopped by their park, hoping to patronize their gift shop, and maybe peak at their field.  Unlike most minor league parks, they were not open to sell stuff on the non-game day we went by.  We did get a couple of pictures though.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

M. Judson Booksellers Greenville SC

On our trip through Greenville, we were lucky enough to find this GREAT little bookstore/bakery place.  I just checked, and they are two separate businesses, but I like them together.  The marriage works.  Both businesses are inside of a gorgeous building- see my top photo.

The bookstore part is M. Judson Booksellers.  First off, check out that logo.  You have a bird reading a book.  When I see a logo like that, I instantly want to see what they are selling.  AND, I want to buy a shirt or something with the logo on it.  THAT really conveys some interesting literary imagery.

Also, after getting back home, I googled around and found out that the place takes its name from Mary Camilla Judson, a very tough local lady associated with the women's college in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  She was WAY ahead of her time and very progressive.

Anyway, we stopped by here to check things out and take a break from walking around the great downtown area of Greenville.

We stepped in, and on the right once you go in, is the separate business, The Chocolate Moose Bakery and CafĂ©.  A very nice young lady helped us make a selection.  I had a sea salt chocolate chip cookie, and my wife actually had moose.  We had shared a coffee too (our bill was a VERY reasonable $8).  I had a fun chat with the young lady about collecting coffee sleeves (I am a bit of a packrat at times).  She also picked up coffee sleeves from her travels.

We sat and enjoyed our snacks for a bit, and then we looked around the bookstore part for some time.  They had a great regional section, and some other interesting books.  I ended up finding some very nice local postcards here too.

The check out counter area of the bookstore is one of the coolest things I have noticed in a bookstore in some time.  It looks like books have been stacked up to make this area!  Its hard to describe, but check out my photo at the bottom!