Grand Vicotrian Inn

Grand Vicotrian Inn
The Grand Victorian Inn in Park City KY at Night.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Countdown Games in Lexington KY

I wanted to give a quick mention to Countdown Games in Lexington.  We went there for a friends birthday recently and had a lot of fun.

We did their "Castle" game, and it was pretty crazy!  I wasn't even really thinking about taking pictures of the game itself, as we were hustling the whole time.

I actually didn't really want to do this sort of thing, but my friends made me.  But, just hearing about it I didn't feel excited.  It sounded like a large board game.

That wasn't the case at all.  It was fast paced and exciting.  We all had to solve puzzles and use clues to eventually get out of a castle.  There were five of us, and we had to work individually, as a group, and as split groups at times.  One task involved some musical talent too!  I don't want to say too much about that one in case you go, but it was a fun and odd experience!

The Castle was 3 levels tall, and we would find ourselves having to backtrack for some clues and items.  Especially towards the end we were running back and forth scrambling to finish within an hour.

AND...  we did finish with 58 seconds to spare!  We were given some clues here and there, but we still felt like we had accomplished something!

There was a person watching us (by camera) in case something was needed.  He was a very friendly fellow and added to the fun of the whole experience.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Caves of Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains by Larry E. Matthews

I've really enjoyed reading about caves recently.  AND, I have really appreciated it when I find a great book about caves in a specific region.

"Caves of Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains" by Larry E. Matthews is a fun book to read that covers caves in that specific region.  It covers a little over a dozen caves that are currently or have been show caves at some point.

Each section gives a bit of history on the cave, including some of the 1st documented accounts.  There are photos inside of and around the cave.  Buildings on the properties associated with the caves are pictures.  Postcards and old brochures are shown in the book too!

At the end of each section, Matthews discusses the cave today.  He gives info on hours and that sort of thing.  He also tells when you can visit (some of these former show caves are no longer open to the public).

This is just a nice guide to keep around if you are interested in this area's caves.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Scene in Tuckaleechee Caverns, Tennessee

This postcard went through the mail in 1968.  The back tells- Scene in Tuckaleechee Caverns- Eastern America's largest.  Located on State Highway73 halfway between Gatlinburg and Maryville near Townsend, Tennessee.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Harden Coffee in Campbellsville, KY

Campbellsville is VERY lucky to have a great, small indy coffee shop- Harden Coffee.

This has really become a place to look forward to on our roadtrips.  Its nice to drive a little while out of Lexington, stop here for a nice little break, and then get on with our drive.

Harden is in the very nice downtown area of Campbellsville and so far, there has never been an issue with finding a parking spot.  The shop does seem to get busy at times, but the line moves along, and there are lots of places to grab a chair once inside.

The breakfast food has been nice here.  I had their Autumn Latte recently, and it was great, but I REALLY like their regular coffees here.  They get it right.  Their coffee doesn't taste old, off or burned.  I had their Woodsman blend the other day and really liked it.

AND the inside of Harden Coffee is just so perfect.  it is in an old building with nice old wooden floors, but the rest of the place is very clean and modern.  It is very light and well lighted- making it a perfect place to read while you sip coffee.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Druther's Restaurant in Campbellsville Kentucky

So, while we were in Campbellsville, I saw a Druther's Restaurant! 

I hadn't even thought about this chain in a LONG time.  Owensboro had one, I think briefly in the early 80s.  I want to say it was in front of where Big Lots is now....  but I might be way off.

I remember it though.  And I remember hearing the jingle, "I'd rather go to Druther's Restaurant."

Well, I had to stop in and check this one in Campbellsville out!

I bought a very nice bacon, egg and cheese on toast sandwich that cost less than two bucks!

Here are a few photos.  I am glad to see a place like this surviving!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Campbellsville, KY

In an effort to do more back roads driving, I have found myself spending more time in the Campbellsville area!

We have routed ourselves through the town several times lately, mostly as we travel to the Mammoth Cave and Cave City areas.  From my area, it only adds an extra 10 minutes or so to the trip, but the drive is so much more scenic!

Campbellsville is a pretty town too, definitely worth a stop.  I walked around downtown some, and I drove through the campus.

I did try to patronize the college post office, but I got the impression that they weren't really sure about much of anything (I know...  its a college post office, but I have always had good experience with the Berea CPO).  I ended up driving to the community post office, and had a nice chat with the fun guys working there.

I really like the downtown area though.  VERY cozy and some fun businesses.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Baxter's Coffee South in Somerset Kentucky

I've been to one of the Baxter's Coffee locations in Somerset several times, but I recently got to visit the South location.

Baxter's definitely gets coffee right and I really enjoy the taste of their java.  Plus, both of the locations are perfectly cozy.

If you are near Somerset skip the chain places and support a great little local place!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hank Hill at Eastern Welding Supply in Somerset Kentucky

I wanted to post a couple of cool pics we took in front of Eastern Welding Supply in Somerset Kentucky.

That's a goateed Hank Hill letting us know that they sell propane and propane accessories.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Fred Harvey Restaurants Postcards

Here are three VERY similar postcards distributed by Fred Harvey.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Big South Fork Scenic Railway- Stearns Kentucky

We visited the Stearns area and rode on the Big South Fork Scenic Railway.  We were really looking forward to this one, and sadly, it was a huge disappointment.

I hate to say that too, because I know they are a non-profit and they are associated with the National Parks....  but the experience was sloppy and the people running the show should be embarrassed.

We actually pre-purchased our tickets on-line a couple of weeks prior.  We added (for $11 each) a "coal miners lunch" which looked interesting, and was advertised as being in a souvenir bag.

We found the visitor center and went in to get our tickets.  So far so good.  The ticket includes visiting a small local museum with some history on the area.  There are some interesting relics here.

A little before we were to board the train for our trip, we went to pick up our lunches.  Well, they were given to us in a brown paper sack.  We mentioned that we had prepaid for the souvenir bags.  We were then told that we could check at the ticket counter about getting a refund.

So, we went back to stand in line at the ticket counter.  The young staff there seemed absolutely confused by our request.  They were also obviously openly annoyed by us.  I told them that we prepaid for something, and if it was not available, I wanted my money back.  They couldn't do that.  I asked for a manager.  One was not available.  I asked for a manager's business card.  One was not available.  I have sent them messages through facebook and their website.  No response. 

By the way, the $11 sack lunch contained a banana moon pie, a canned drink, a small bag of chips, and a smushed ham and turkey sandwich.

We dropped our argument with the staff, as we had to get on the train.  The train ride was a train ride.  See my photo of the seats on the train.  They are obviously neglecting the care of the trains too.  There is pre-recorded narration along the way, but their audio system is defective.  You can hear maybe every few words of what is being said.  It is useless.

You ride to an old coal mining town.  The town was nice and informative.  The coal mining town is operated by the National Parks.  We did enjoy this, and I might recommend driving there on your own to check it out.

I don’t recommend dealing with a place that has no customer service, ignores customer complaints and has false advertising.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hyatt Regency Lexington KY Wedding Tasting

So, I have a couple of friends getting married next year.  I have been asked to be in the wedding, which is always an honor (personally, this will be my 11th time being in a wedding...  I think).

Well, my friends asked me to go to a "tasting" event set up just for them at the Hyatt Regency this past weekend!

I have been to this sort of thing before, and it is always nice and pleasant, but simple.  This event was NOT SIMPLE!

A nice table was set for us in the room where my friends will be getting married.  It was set with a couple of centerpiece options.  Several different salads were on the table too.

Over the next hour and a half or so, we sampled a crazy variety of food options.  I can't even remember the specifics, but there was no way that any of us could come close to finishing.  But that wasn't the point, really.  This was a tasting, so cleaning our plates wasn't the goal....  it also wasn't humanly possible.

Everything was so good though.  The staff at the Hyatt was all over everything.  The chef came out to explain some of the options, and to talk about ingredients and prep.  A friend with specific allergies is coming to the wedding, and he even talked about how they will be taking precautions to accommodate the friend.

AND the food was simply unbelievable!  Sure, this was a "tasting" before a wedding event, but this was an incredible meal!  I am including some photos just in case you are in Lexington, and making plans for a wedding anytime soon!  Call these guys!