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Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Thoughts on Friday

This weekend (January 18th-20th) in Louisville, there is a stamp show!

Check out the site, it looks to be a big one!

Also, starting next weekend, the Continental Indoor Football League starts play for 2013!

Louisville, Pikeville, and Owensboro all have a team in this league!  Check out the CIFL site for more info:

I will be following this league.  If you have read this blog long (thanks mom!) you know that I love independent pro sports.  I covered the Horsemen and the River Monsters back when they were all around.  I am hoping these teams are able to hang in there.  If you live in those areas, get out there and support your home team! 

Also keep in mind that it is a huge gamble to start up an independent team in an area.  The odds are against these teams starting from day one.  It takes a LOT of work to get one to succeed.  Luckily, they do at times (go to to see about the most successful independent pro sports team in Kentucky- it can be done).  So, these teams need and appreciate your support.

I will be following the Owensboro team very closely!

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