Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Schimpff's Confectionary Jeffersonville, Indiana

I have a sweet story to tell about Schimpff's in Jeffersonville before I even get to the main story.....

We arrived in Jeffersonville and parked in front of the candy store/museum about 20 minutes before they opened.  It was a cold day, so we remained in our car until the open sign flipped.  As we waited, we noticed something that brought a smile to our faces.

Probably 5 or 6 times, a car would pull behind us, driven by a man, with a significant other in the passenger seat.  There would be some brief chatter between the two, then a short goodbye kiss between two sweethearts.  The girl would exit the car to go to work and the driver would drive away.  About a minute later the same thing would happen again.

We got to a point where we would watch for the next car to pull behind us and sure enough, the exact same thing happened each time.  :)

On to our main story.....

I love tradition and I love partaking in something that has been done the same way for years.

The Schimpff family has been making candy the same way and in the same spot, for well over a century!  Check out the photos of the molds and other tools that they use to make their candies!  The items have obviously been around for a long time.

I enjoyed sampling several items all made in the same way they have always been made at Schimpff's!

In addition to selling candy, Schimpff's has a large candy museum attached.  The candy museum is very special, as it has all sorts of old molds, packages, store displays, etc.  Being a huge fan of Halloween, I really loved the witch and ghost themed items.

We really like Schimpff's and it is right across the river from Louisville.  If someone is travelling to an event in Louisville, I would make this one of the "must stops" in the area.  It is very special, and I haven't come across many other places like it. 

This great place accomplishes something amazing that other places can't.  It displays all sorts of cool candy related relics in its museum, but it still functions as a lively candy shop, using old methods to make its product.  The company has survived decades keeping its tradition alive while other similar businesses became the victims of modern day mass production techniques.

You can go there today, and appreciate the fact that much of the business here has been unchanged since the late 1800s.

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