The Spot Coffee Shop

The Spot Coffee Shop
The Spot Coffee Shop in Owensboro

Monday, December 28, 2015

Columbia Tennessee

We found ANOTHER great little town in Tennessee!  Columbia has a great vibe and lots to do!

After visiting the James K. Polk Ancestral Home, we explored downtown.  There are lots of attractive old buildings, and many cool independent businesses!

We REALLY loved the Old Curiosity Bookshop!  We found some great postcards and local items here. Check out the photos I took, they have a book Christmas tree up (with a leg lamp on top!).  This place was odd and fun!

Another shop we loved was Ted's Sporting Goods.  The "Ted's" sign is upside down, which caught my attention.  We went inside and found a well stocked shop that any hunter or fisherman would love.  For 8 bucks you can get a cool t-shirt with their silk screened sign on it!  My buddies in western Kentucky would love this place.  Oh, and they have been in business for 70 years!!!

We left downtown and drove around some.  We found a GREAT coffee shop called Buckhead Coffee House.  I FORGOT to get any pictures while we were there (I know, I get pictures of everything..... but I just forgot this time).  That place was a great local coffee joint.  Lots of seating and friendly staff. 

Columbia was a bit of a side trip from Franklin for us.  I will have to get back here again.  This isn't a visit once kind of town.  The place had a casual, relaxed vibe, and I would like to get there again just to soak up some of their friendly small town warmth!

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Lyinn said...

That sounds like my kind of place. I might have to visit them