Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rebecca Ruth Candies- Frankfort KY

We've been to Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory several times, but we had never taken the actual factory tour until recently!

For pocket change ($3) you can get a nice tour of the Rebecca Ruth kitchen, see where the candy is made, check out their very cool museum, AND they will give ya a sample at the end of the tour!

We had a great guide who expressed sincere enthusiasm about the business.  She told us all about the company and it's origins. 

Two friends (Rebecca and Ruth)got together and enjoyed making candy.  They enjoyed it so much, that they decided to quit their day jobs so that they could hang out, and make candy their full time gig!

This was during a time when ladies really didn't do that sort of thing.  You know, like work outside of the home.

Well, their candy was very popular, and locals loved it!  After some time, Ruth bought Rebecca out of the business (though they still remained close friends).

There is more to the story.  Someone mentioned to Ruth that the best 2 things they had one day were bourbon and her chocolate, and she decides to try to combine them- and she came up with the bourbon ball!

Celebrities would come to buy her candy, which she sold out of her home (now the Rebecca Ruth Museum area).  People in Frankfort loved what she did and supported her in various ways.  During WWII, the locals actually gave her their rationed sugar so she could make her candies!

I was personally impressed with a marble slab Ruth bought from the old Frankfort Hotel after it was destroyed by fire.  Also, a stove and a couple of other tools that are around 100 years old are STILL USED by the company!

Along with the stove and other candy making items, other traditions are strong here.  A display in the kitchen notes one employee who worked here 67 years!  AND, the business has not been sold, and is still in Ruth's family!


Lyinn said...

We took a tour of this candy place also. It was so neat to see how they make the candy. Very nice place

jimerado said...

Yes! We love Rebecca Ruth!