Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hyatt Regency San Antonio River Walk

While we were in San Antonio, we had a great experience staying at the Haytt Regency San Antonio River Walk.

I know.  This is a big place, and I am sure that my endorsement doesn't mean much to them, but we really liked the hotel, and we were blown away at how classy this Hyatt was during our stay.  AND, it is physically spectacular!

Check out my photos- part of the River Walk goes right through it.  One evening, we had dinner in the bar area, and we were able to look straight down at the calming water going through the hotel.  That was very nice!

We had some amazing tacos in the bar area, and we had one of the coolest waitresses ever!  Jasmine took care of us and she was super!  We talked a lot, and found out she was from Tennessee! 

In the main restaurant, we had some great pasta one day for lunch by their "Pasta-Nator" (it actually says that on his business card) Danny.  I had shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, and mushrooms in the best pasta dish ever!  I am still thinking about it!

We spent a couple of mornings and evenings relaxing in the hotel's small coffee shop, "Mkt. Place".  This small place had a friendly staff and a nice selection of drinks.

We were maybe a couple of minutes from the front door of the Alamo.  All of the main attractions were a very short walk from this convenient hotel.

Our room was so conveniently located, we were able to stop by our room throughout the day to drop things off, or to change clothes.
We had a great view of the River Walk and the Alamo from our room.

AND....  the hotel has a swimming pool on their top floor/roof.  It is very open, and we really enjoyed the skyline view of the city from the pool area.

San Antonio has MANY great, historic hotels... and you know I love historic hotels.  But I also love attractive, unique hotels too.  AND good rates.  We were really pleased with this Hyatt hotel.

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