Boone Tavern

Boone Tavern
Inside of Boone Tavern in Berea Kentucky!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Guenther House- San Antonio Texas

 The Guenther House was built by Carl Guenther in 1859.  Guenther was the founder of Pioneer Flour which has been in business since before the Civil War!

The house is now a great restaurant, and according to our guides in San Antonio, the place does not advertise because it doesn't need to!  Our guides assured us they were not being paid to endorse the place, but they raved about it!

I had a great enchilada here, and we ordered a cinnamon roll about the size of my head!  We nibbled on that for days!

The grounds were attractive, and this was simply an amazing stop on our trip!  AND, how often can you patronize a business that has been around since the Civil War?

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