Monticello III

Monticello III
The horse pulled Monticello III in Coshocton Ohio, part of Roscoe Village.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Luckenbach Texas

As we drove through the Hill Country of Texas, we stopped in Luckenbach.  There is a small saloon/gift shop there.  There is a dance hall, but not much was going on while we were there.  A guy was playing guitar and singing.

We were hoping to grab a burger while there, but their grill is only open on weekends I believe.

I did love the gift shop, as there were cute critters, including this cat, hanging out.  Any Luckenbach souvenir you can imagine was available.

You may wonder, "why do people go to Luckenbach?"

Well, people in Luckenbach would probably answer, "Everybody's somebody in Luckenbach" which is the town motto.

To me, Luckenbach is the town you go to in Texas just because.  You go there because it is there.... kind of like Rabbit Hash Kentucky, or Hell Michigan.  You should go there.

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