Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rabbit Hill Inn in Vermont Part 1

We were talking to some friends as we were thinking about a trip to Vermont.  They have done a lot of travelling, and the topic of favorite inns came up.  We told them about ours, and they mentioned the Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford Vermont.  Our friends said this was their favorite inn ever!

Well, as we were thinking about going to Vermont, we thought that a stop here would be a must after their endorsement.

We checked Rabbit Hill Inn's web site, and saw that for a very nice upscale place, their prices were reasonable.  Plus, they had a ton of great reviews.  We made reservations!

We arrived here after a very pleasant and scenic drive.  The location of the Inn is secluded.  There is a nice old country church across the street, and a post office/library community building nearby.  There are a few other houses here and there, but you are out in rural Vermont for sure!

We were immediately welcomed by Leslie, who co-owns the inn with her husband Brian.  Leslie was very warm and she seemed eager to help us get all settled in.  She introduced us to another staff person, Donn, who showed us to our room.

We were able to take a look in to a few rooms that were not occupied and they all looked great.  Check out the photos.

One thing that we noticed as we explored, and something we noticed the entire time we were there is that the place is flawless.  We noticed no old furniture past its prime.  EVERYTHING was clean and new.  They aren't cutting corners here.

We were staying in the Hampshire Room, which had a nice fireplace in it.  We loved reading by it in the evening.

When we checked in, we found a nice card on our bed welcoming us personally.  It included the time of our dinner reservation, and the time for breakfast in the morning.

We ate very lightly on this day, as we knew we would be in for a treat at Rabbit Hill Inn as we had dinner reservations.  Still, we were very excited to see a nice pastry display for guests.  We indulged with some (but not much) restraint.

After dinner (and more on that later) we returned to our room to find that we had received turndown service.  AND, candles were lit with romantic jazz music playing from the room's CD player.  THIS was a very nice touch.

I have more to say about the Rabbit Hill Inn.....

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