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Rockefeller Center
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

I've Been Seen by the Great White... in Owensboro.... A long time ago.

Here's a weird one......  I am hoping someone else might remember more details about this....

I have this memory from my childhood.  When I was very young- I am thinking this was in the very early 80s.

I remember going to the K-Mart in Owensboro with my family.  It was the K-Mart on Frederica, I don't think that the other K-Mart, the one on Parrish, was open yet.  Oddly, we have always referred to the one on Parrish as the "NEW" K-Mart.  That one just very recently closed, so Owensboro is back down to just one K-Mart...  the original one in town.

Anyway- on this particular morning, we went to K-mart and there was a truck there with a shark in it!  I forget a lot of the specifics.  I think it was a buck or two a person for admission to see the shark.  The shark was not alive, and it was behind glass in a large case if I remember correctly.  I THINK it was some sort of refrigerated case, but again....  I was a little kid, and my memory is hazy on this one.

I do remember feeling a bit terrified by seeing it.  For a small child in the sheltered town of Owensboro, this was quit a thing to see.

I am thinking that the story on this one is that it was one of the biggest sharks caught at one time.  It seems that there was something special about the shark- something that made it special enough to exhibit in K-Mart's parking lots.

I did get the sticker that I have scanned in at that time.  I don't recall if I got the sticker as part of my admission, or if my mom had to pay a little extra for it.  I think I put this sticker on my shirt that day though, and then it went with the rest of my sticker collection- on my bedroom door.

Again- I would love to hear from anyone else who remembers seeing this shark in Owensboro... or anywhere else!

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