Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fort Boonesborough State Park in Kentucky

I had not been by Fort Boonesborough for some time (decades).  Well, like some of the other spots around my home state that I love, I have to put this on my list of places to start visiting frequently.

We stopped by for the first time since my college days.  It was $8 each to get in, and there is an intro video that shows every half hour I think.  The film was well done and even got some laughs from the crowd with us.

After the video, we casually strolled around the replica fort.

There was a good crowd the day we were there.  In fact, some of the cabins became so crowded, we left and came back later.

I am REALLY starting to appreciate the whole, "reinactor doing demonstrations" thing.  This is really cool, especially when the actor really gets into it, and enjoys what they are doing.

I think we encountered 7 or 8 on this visit...  each one talking about what they were up to, or what they did- each from a pioneer's view.

Several of the cabins around the fort have open doors, and you can step inside and talk to these pioneers.

One that really stood out to us was the candle maker.  Using an antique candle holder, the pioneer woman told us about dipping the candles in wax, then letting them dry briefly on the revolving holder.  Some candles dried as others were dipped over and over.  She also talked about the molding process to make candles.

There are a couple of very interesting museums at the Fort right now too.

I was really impressed with a particular cabin that was packed with pop culture items relating to Daniel Boone.

I really love seeing old pioneer and Daniel Boone type toys.  Especially the stuff from the 50s and 60s.  It was before my time, so it will always have a vintage feel to me.  You know... it's coolness will always be a little bit out of my grasp. 

Plus, when I was a kid, Star Wars and space toys were the thing.  Like every other kid, I loved that stuff then, but I really appreciate the Marx type toys now.  Personally, my few old Star Wars toys are in storage.  My Marx Civil War, Daniel Boone, and Johnny West dolls are proudly displayed on my bookshelf.

AND here, they have a great display of vintage Boone items.

Check out the cool Halloween costume!  If only that kind of coolness still existed! 

I was pleased to see the small figures, and the stage coach.  Various Daniel Boone related first day covers and postal items were represented too.

After making the rounds at the fort, we stopped by the gift shop to check things out.  I picked up a few postcards, AND a small bag of a corn snack prepared just like the pioneers may have enjoyed.

Outside, we found a marker where the original fort was.  It is not far from the pool area at this state park.

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