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The Spot Coffee Shop
The Spot Coffee Shop in Owensboro

Friday, July 7, 2017

JustAjar Design Press- Marietta Ohio

So, we were strolling down Front Street in Marietta Ohio (I know, this is about the 10th time I have mentioned that street on this blog lately) and I saw a great looking display in a window of some very cool posters!

I love these types of great looking, artsy posters advertising local events and concerts.  They are really spectacular.

JustAjar Design Press had several colorful ones on display.  Unfortunately, I was in town on a Saturday, and their business is only open on Fridays and by appointment!  Oh well, that will give me another excuse to return to the area soon.

I took a few photos of the great pieces displayed, check them out.  I like the colors and design on the Trails and Ales one.  The riverboat one is nice too.  You have to love the Mavis Staples concert poster because....  well....  Mavis Staples.

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