Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Steeles Tavern Manor Bed and Breakfast- Steeles Tavern, Virginia


I very briefly mentioned Steeles Tavern Manor earlier, but I have a whole lot more to say about this flawless B&B.

As I said previously, my wife and I have had different opinions on staying at inns and B&Bs.  She always prefers a top rated modern but cozy place.  I like OLD places with history... and I am ok with a little dust.

Well, she found Steeles Tavern Manor while
searching around, and we agreed that it looked very nice.  Plus, another couple was joining us.... and we thought they would like it here too.

After spending a long day in Lexington, we drove a short 20 minutes or so to where we would be staying for the next two nights.

We were met by the innkeepers, Ray and Melissa who ended up being fun, pleasant, and informative during our entire stay.  You could
tell that they take a lot of pride in their place by the way they talked about it... and by its appearance.

The other couple on this trip with us were about to celebrate an anniversary, so we had ordered a little surprise to be waiting for them when they got to their room.  For a reasonable price, they got a bottle of sparkling cider, 2 wine glasses with the Steeles Tavern Manor logo on them, and cheese and crackers.  Our friends seemed to really appreciate this.

Oh...  also in our room was a small pack of chocolate chip cookies.  I almost tossed the bag of sweets to the side, but I ended up opening them up and giving them a try. I must say that these cookies are very special.  I am not sure what they do to these cookies, but they were delicious!  I think they add some cinnamon to them, and it gives them a special kick.  Before we left, we realized that a cookie mix could be purchased from the inn, but 24 hours notice was needed to make it up.  I will know this for next time.  Seriously though, these were some of the best cookies I have had ever.  And I have had a lot of cookies.

A small fridge was available 24 hours, stocked with bottled waters and pop.  I have noticed this as being somewhat common in the nicer B&Bs we have stayed at recently, and I like it.  It is very nice grabbing a cold drink to take as you leave for the day.  They also had a Keurig available for the hot drinks.  This was a nice thing to have in the evenings.

Obviously, part of the fun of staying at a bed and breakfast is the breakfast.  Well, check out the photos.  I can't remember the names of what we had, but the breakfasts were flawless.

Coffee was made early each morning so you could come down and relax before your meal.  Around 8:30 Ray brought out a very colorful fruit and yogurt cups for everyone.  After a bit, the main entrée come out.

This isn't the instant "hot" breakfast available at some hotels.  I wouldn't want to guess at a dollar value on these breakfasts either, but it definitely makes you realize that Steeles Tavern Manor is upscale, and it has a lot of value too. 

In the evenings, we enjoyed sipping coffee as we relaxed on the side porch.  There is a small country road outside that was rarely used.  Another road that runs parallel, and does have some traffic, is blocked from view by a nice, thick tree line. 

There are also walking trails around the property.  A stream and creek are close by.  We saw deer as we walked.  We also saw a couple come by each evening as we spent time on the porch.

Check out my photos (notice the perfectly cut grass, and the spotless building.  This is a place that pays attention to everything.  I am sure we will be back by in the future.

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