Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trip through the Virginias

We just got back from a great short trip going to Lexington Virginia and back again!  Man, we had a blast!

There were several themes that occurred on this trip, some on purpose, and some by accident.  We were going to Lexington specifically to see things relating to the Civil War so that was a theme.  We also ended up seeing a lot of deer, some by the road, and some by the inn we stayed at!  That was cool!  Also, GREAT FOOD ended up being a theme... and that just happened accidentally.

My wife and I also had a little disagreement about where to stay on this trip.  I always want to stay somewhere with history.  Lots of old history.  If its up to me, we will be staying in an old run down barn that sheltered soldiers during the Civil War.  Well, my wife (who openly calls herself a "hotel snob") will only stay somewhere if it is a top rated place on tripadvisor.  Well, on this trip she won out, and we stayed at an amazing B&B (Steeles Tavern Manor) that I will bring up later.  It had some history (going back to 1915) and it was beautiful.

Twisty, turny roads through the two states are common too.  I drove the 5 plus hours from Lexington Kentucky to Lexington Virgina, and I did most of the driving back.  Once we got back to the area, I still felt like my body was in car motion...  going up hills, and down them.... turning left or right the whole time.

Anyway, as always we had a great time.

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