Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fulton Steamboat Inn- Lancaster Pennsylvania

Sometimes we visit a city, and we find a nice hotel to stay at.  We are impressed, we like it.  Still, the next time we are in town, we will likely stay somewhere else, just to experience something different.

Let me tell you why we will be staying at the Fulton Steamboat Inn AGAIN next time we go through Lancaster.

First off, the place is a riverboat inn- on land!  It reminded me of the Titanic in Gatlinburg...  You kind of see it at a distance at first, and it seems out of place... AND AMAZING!

So yes, it is a novelty kind of hotel, but it is beautiful.  AND they play up the whole steamboat thing.  I noticed a lifeboat, smoke stacks, and touches in our rooms and lobby that truly made you feel like you were on a boat!

I mentioned before in other posts that Lancaster is a vibrant, happening city, but it is on the edge of farmland country.  The Fulton Steamboat Inn is exactly in the middle.  We were a five minute drive from a couple of malls, and at short drive from Amish businesses!

A large duck pond, stocked with koi, is on the property.  We walked to one of the gazebos and watched the ducks as we wrote postcards to our friends in Kentucky.  It was very relaxing.

Oh, speaking of postcards!  I think I have mentioned before, we always send out a bunch of postcards while we are on the road.  I forgot to get postcards stamps before leaving, so I asked at the front if they sold stamps.  The very kind front desk girl kind of looked at me in a curious way.  She then explained to me that if we used the attractive postcards of the Steamboat Inn (they were FREE!) they would actually mail them out, stamped!

Think about that for a moment.  The Fulton Steamboat Inn has free postcards of the Steamboat Inn AND they put stamps on them for you and mail them out!  If you are like us, that's a pretty big value!  Other hotels should take note!

The hotel also offers some things that I loved, as someone who does not travel with children.  The top floor is available to adults only.  The pool is also open to only adults from 10 until midnight.  I did notice that some benefits are offered to kids here to balance things out, but I didn't pay attention to that.

Oh, I wanted to mentioned that we loved the bar here too!  We aren't exactly bar people, but this cozy spot, with all sorts of nautical décor just felt right.  The food was tasty and the bar tender running the show was a lot of fun.

We will be back to Lancaster's Fulton Steamboat Inn!

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