Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Sisters Grimm Ghost Bus Tour San Antonio Texas

Last year in San Antonio, we did the Sister's Grimm Ghost Walk.  We had a good time.  Also, our guide told us that the company was just starting to do a "Ghost Bus Tour" which we thought about trying to squeeze in on that trip, but we ran out of time. 

So, on our visit this year, we made sure we had time to do the Ghost Bus Tour with Sisters Grimm.

Our guide, James, was great.  he was funny and witty... and also dark when the time was right.

The bus tour got together in front of the Menger Hotel.  Well, after introductions and all, James drove the Ghost Bus maybe a few inches, then stopped so we could all go into the Menger.

James told us some interesting stories about the historic hotel.  Standing next to the Alamo, the Menger has a ton of history in its own right- with a bunch of ghost stories, and the fact that Teddy Roosevelt spent a lot of time here.  Many other Presidents have stayed here too.

James then took us to a few more places around town, including the old red light district.  A very interesting part of the old red light district relates to a book that was available for a time WITH A RATING SYSTEM for the girls in the area.  I did not make that up, and I am pretty sure James didn't either.

We also stopped by the old jail in town which is now a hotel.  James told a brutal story involving a hanging that occurred there.  Everyone on the bus was paying attention for this one!

Our last stop was at a cemetery where we walked around as James told several stories relating to graves.  Names like Menger and Borglum came up as we explored.  We had a very nice time walking around here too!

As James drove, he kept the stories coming.  When we passed by the Sheraton Gunter, he told us about a very creepy crime committed in that hotel.  He also displayed various photos relating to the stories on a TV screen at the front of the bus.

Flashlights and EMF detectors were made available during the tour for those interested.

James and his wife Lauren have written a book on the ghosts of San Antonio too, so it was pretty cool getting a tour from an actual author!  The book has some of the stories James covers on the Bus Tour and more, so you definitely want to read that before your visit to town!

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