Rabbit Hill Inn Vermont

Rabbit Hill Inn Vermont
Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford Vermont. Flawless!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in Montpelier Vermont

Of all of the sugarshack places we stopped at in Vermont (there are MANY) there were a couple that we really liked.  Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in Montpelier was one that we really enjoyed visiting.

The main shop was clean and cozy and had a nice selection of all sorts of local things...  And you could walk the grounds and check out some of the maple syrup making process!

Plus, they had cool folk art all over the place.

While we were there, there was a huge scale model of the Vermont State House too!

We made some purchases and realized that they had creemees here!  BUT, they also advertised maple coffee!  I knew that getting both would not be right.  I asked about the maple coffee, and the very helpful young lady working there told me that they just let ya use as much pure maple syrup in your coffee that you want.  I am certain that this young girl had no idea how sweet I like my coffee or she would not have offered all of the syrup I could use.... but it didn't matter.  I was again craving a creemee.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saint Gaudens National Historic Site- Cornish, New Hampshire

The Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site is in New Hampshire, right across the Connecticut River from where we were staying in Vermont.

Sites managed by the National Park service are a bit scare in Vermont and New Hampshire, so we wanted to visit here... well, since it is a National Historic Site.

AND, because Saint-Gaudens is one of those people that you know about, but you kind of don't realize it.  As we visited, I realized that I had seen several of his works of art here and there in our travels.

Anyway, Augustus Saint-Gaudens lived and worked here from the 1880s until his death in 1907.  You can tour his home here (though none of his art is in the home).  We enjoyed our house tour but we really enjoyed walking around the gardens and seeing all of the amazing sculptures. 

One work that truly impressed me was a piece recently installed this year at the site called "Standing Lincoln."

You know I love Lincoln, and seeing great works of art inspired by him.  This particular casting was made using mold pieces restored from a copy made in 1966!  The VERY friendly park rangers here gave me a book about their copy of the 12 foot statue explaining how it was made and how they got it.  When Augustus was creating his original, he used a local man who was the same size as Lincoln for a model.

This was one of those parks we visited thinking that it would be nice and pleasant, but we left really impressed.  We ended up staying here longer than we anticipated, and we would definitely go back if we were in this neck of the woods.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rabitt Hill Inn in Lower Waterford Vermont- part 2

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the over the top meals we enjoyed while staying at the Rabbit Hill Inn.

I have already gone on and on about how perfect our stay was, and our experience at their restaurant was the same.

Breakfast was included with our stay here, but dinner was not.  And, though a bit pricey, after reading reviews and recommendations, we knew that we would regret it if we did not splurge on dinner at the Rabbit Hill Inn.

On the night we arrived, our dinner reservations were for 6:45.  There is a very nice little bar area at Rabbit Hill Inn, so we decided to have a coffee and tea there as we waited for dinner.

I don't want to get too distracted on this point, but the coffee here was perfect.  If you love coffee, you know that some places just never get it right.  There are coffee shops that I enjoy going to that have good coffee, but its not perfect.  Some places get it perfect.  I think keeping your equipment clean, and keeping the coffee fresh will do it, but few places pay that much attention to detail.  Along with everything else, Rabbit Hill Inn got their coffee perfect.

And the bar area was so nice.  There were a few small tables, a book shelf with games, and some nice knick knacks displayed.  I didn't get a photo, but the bar looked very well stocked, and I am sure that anyone wanting a beverage here other than tea or coffee would be pleased.

At promptly 6:45 Donn, who had been helpful with us since we first stepped foot in the Inn, came to take us to our table, insisting on carrying my wife's tea.

Our waitress and Donn were both aware of every need, while also giving us time to enjoy our meal.  My drink was about half full at one point, and Donn refilled me while playfully promising me that my drink would not get that low again.

I started off with a great bowl of potato leek soup, and then had salmon with clams.

I know my photos don't really show how vibrant our meals looked (I didn't want to ruin the vibe with a photo flash here) but they looked incredible.

My salmon and clams were very unique and appreciated, and I am wishing I could find something similar again.  Sadly for me the dining experience AND the food will be in my mind forever as a great one time memory.

We shared a vanilla ice cream dessert that was made at the Inn.  No national brand name ice cream here.

During our meal, our waitress brought an interesting appetizer for us to try.  It was something the chef made up that was a date with bacon on it if I remember correctly.  She also gave us another bonus of a small rich chocolate cake type thing at the end of our meal.  I took a bite and loved it, but there simply was no more room inside of my stomach for anything else at this point!

For breakfast, we enjoyed another amazing meal at the Rabbit Hill Inn.

We started with a huge table of fruits and pastries.  Check out the photo.  At any hotel, this would be considered a nice, full breakfast.  Not here though.  We were able to order a very classy hot breakfast.

We loved it all.  I must say that I felt a bit cautious about corn in a tomato which came with my meal.  After trying it though, I was pleasantly surprised.  It looked attractive on the plate, and it tasted great!

Again, everything tasted great, and I look forward to future visits (and meals!) at the Rabbit Hill Inn.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rabbit Hill Inn in Vermont Part 1

We were talking to some friends as we were thinking about a trip to Vermont.  They have done a lot of travelling, and the topic of favorite inns came up.  We told them about ours, and they mentioned the Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford Vermont.  Our friends said this was their favorite inn ever!

Well, as we were thinking about going to Vermont, we thought that a stop here would be a must after their endorsement.

We checked Rabbit Hill Inn's web site, and saw that for a very nice upscale place, their prices were reasonable.  Plus, they had a ton of great reviews.  We made reservations!

We arrived here after a very pleasant and scenic drive.  The location of the Inn is secluded.  There is a nice old country church across the street, and a post office/library community building nearby.  There are a few other houses here and there, but you are out in rural Vermont for sure!

We were immediately welcomed by Leslie, who co-owns the inn with her husband Brian.  Leslie was very warm and she seemed eager to help us get all settled in.  She introduced us to another staff person, Donn, who showed us to our room.

We were able to take a look in to a few rooms that were not occupied and they all looked great.  Check out the photos.

One thing that we noticed as we explored, and something we noticed the entire time we were there is that the place is flawless.  We noticed no old furniture past its prime.  EVERYTHING was clean and new.  They aren't cutting corners here.

We were staying in the Hampshire Room, which had a nice fireplace in it.  We loved reading by it in the evening.

When we checked in, we found a nice card on our bed welcoming us personally.  It included the time of our dinner reservation, and the time for breakfast in the morning.

We ate very lightly on this day, as we knew we would be in for a treat at Rabbit Hill Inn as we had dinner reservations.  Still, we were very excited to see a nice pastry display for guests.  We indulged with some (but not much) restraint.

After dinner (and more on that later) we returned to our room to find that we had received turndown service.  AND, candles were lit with romantic jazz music playing from the room's CD player.  THIS was a very nice touch.

I have more to say about the Rabbit Hill Inn.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cabot Cheese in Cabot Vermont

Visiting the main Cabot Cheese Visitor Center and taking a tour wasn't on our agenda for Vermont originally.  It just wasn't on our radar.  We found a flyer for it though and realized that we had to stop by!

For pocket change (3 bucks) you get to see a film about Cabot, and you are able to watch cheese being made.  AND, at the end of the tour, you can sample a whole lot of cheese!

We had a great tour guide on our very small tour.  She seemed to know all about the cheese making process and the coop itself.

Unfortunately, photos aren't allowed in the production area, but it was easy to see that they are obsessive about keeping everything clean.  They were making cheese while we were there and that was fun to watch.

Over 1,000 farms are part of Cabot, and each farm, no matter how big, has a vote in how things are done.  Its pretty cool that so many farmers pull their resources here.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Skinny Pancake in Vermont and New Hampshire

When we flew in to the airport at Burlington, we noticed a very cozy looking restaurant area called the Skinny Pancake.  It looked interesting.
As we explored Vermont, we realized that there were a few Skinny Pancakes here and there.  We ended up visiting the one in neighboring Hanover New Hampshire as we visited Dartmouth.

WE LOVE SKINNY PANCAKE!  This is one of those small chains that I would love to se explode.  I like how they are doing everything.  The restaurant itself is clean and cozy, and the food is perfect.  The crepe was amazing, and I don't know what they do to their bacon, but it was the best.  I had a Panini here that was great too!

A very fun and friendly person took our order, and a manager came by during our meal to ask how things were going, and to ask if they could get anything else for us.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

While in Vermont, we realized we were VERY CLOSE to the Ivy League college known as Dartmouth!  We drove around campus a bit, and we enjoyed this little town where it is located.  It is very scenic.  Here are a few photos I took!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont

The King Arthur Flour Company is another cool Vermont company that has been around for forever!  These guys started up in 1790!

To be honest, I wasn't that familiar with them before our Vermont trip, but I did see that they have a main store/baking school/café in an area we would be driving through.  It sounded interesting!

Their store was vibrant and well stocked with baking supplies.  My wife was impressed but we passed on making purchases because it would be difficult to deal with on the plane.  We did pick up a catalogue though.

The café area had a very comfy, clean vibe.  We enjoyed some pastries and soup here for a nice break in our day.  Everything was great and delicious with a very pure taste.  They aren't using generic ingredients here!

We loved the way the café was set up too.  Lots of space for people to set and relax.  There is a round area in the center (they may be going for a "knights of the round table" vibe) with soft chairs.  It was very unique.