Perryville Kentucky

Perryville Kentucky
One of the many interesting sights in Perryville Kentucky!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Giant Cuckoo Clock- Sugarcreek Ohio

More photos and info on the Giant Cuckoo Clock in Sugarcreek Ohio!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Amish Country Donuts in Sugarcreek Ohio

Oh man, check out Amish Country Donuts in Sugarcreek!

It is in an old Sunoco!  AND its just perfectly cozy!  I love so many little businesses in this area!  They all have a nice, scrappy indy vibe..  PLUS ANY business that gets started here has to be good.  There is a lot of competition!

Anyway, check out the photos!  Their donuts are HUGE and the coffee is strong and tasty!

Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek

I really love the Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek Ohio.  I have mentioned it a lot here....  but here are a few photos from our last stay there.

Moennonite and Amish People of Lancaster County, Pa.

This undated but vibrant postcard notes on the front that it shows, "Mennonite and Amish People of Lancaster County, Pa."

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Coblentz Candy Company Walnut Creek Ohio

RIGHT beside the Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek is Coblentz Candy!  This is a great and unique local place to stop to grab some gifts for the friend back home watching your cat or dog!

Park St. Pizza- Sugarcreek Ohio

Yeah, there are some NICE restaurants in Sugarcreek Ohio.  I have mentioned some here before.

The area is just on top of having good, quality food.  If its not quality, it doesn't make it in this area.

AND, I discover something new and great every time I am in town.

So, one evening on our recent trip to Sugarcreek, we were craving pizza.  We saw that Park St. Pizza was nearby so we went there.

Like the nearby Wallhouse Coffee, I walked in and noticed how slick everything was.  It is clean and modern.  They had a busy, friendly staff.

I asked the very nice young lady who took our order if this was a chain.  She said that it was not, it was a local family owned business!

For a few bucks ($8) I got a small pizza with pepperoni.

This was a GREAT pizza!

The place smelled like pizza too.  They got their sauce and cheese ratios right.  It was filling.  They included a generous cup of garlic butter!

Park St. Pizza instantly became one of my all time favorite pizza places, and I can't wait to go back.

Like I said, the restaurant was crowded and we noticed a lot of Amish coming here to enjoy pizza.

Check out their logo too!  I LOVE the pizza cutter/tractor design!

Hillcrest Orchard- Walnut Creek Ohio

Here are just a couple of pictures we took at the Hillcrest Orchard in Walnut Creek Ohio.

The place is very scenic, and I got some great (and CHEAP!) peaches there, and some apple cider.  Get there now, their peaches are the best!

Its a nice little place to stop anyway, as they have a cool lookout over their property.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Walnut Creek Covered Bridge- Ohio

Here are a couple of photos of the Peace Bridge in Walnut Creek Ohio,

Rebecca's Bistro- Walnut Creek Ohio

So, we left our house very early on a recent July morning and headed up to Walnut Creek Ohio.

We got a good, early start, and made it to Rebecca's Bistro in time for lunch!  There are a LOT of great places to eat here, but Rebecca's is our favorite.

For a touristy area like this, their prices are very reasonable and they have great food.  I personally love their Cuban sandwich.  I can safely say that the Cuban sandwich at Rebecca's is one of my all time favorite sandwiches.

They also have a great peach tea drink that I always have to get.  I get one to go for my way out too!

We had a wonderful waitress named Wilma who was perfect.  She was sweet, friendly, efficient and made sure we were taken care of too.

 We had a GREAT chocolate cake dessert too, which Wilma suggested whipped cream on.  She also said it was delicious hot or cold.  Well, my wife wanted her's cold and I wanted mine hot.....  So Wilma cut it in half and served it both cold and hot!  Take that standard old chain restaurants!

Rebecca's Bistro is right by Der Dutchman in Walnut Creek, and it is a very short walk from the Carlisle Inn.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Berlin Ohio

When visiting the Amish area of Ohio, we have found that Berlin has a great street walking/shopping area.  Lots to see in a very close area.

We spent a few hours here on our recent trip.

After we parked by the huge antique mall, we went by a very nice young Amish lady selling baskets and aprons!  We wanted to get a nice apron for a friend.  She had some colorful ones and we found exactly what we wanted.  We had to pick up a basket made and signed by a young Amish person too.  Those are big in this area.

I'm guessing the young lady's brother was nearby.  He looked to be maybe 5ish.  He had some state name key chains that the lady was making for sale.

I asked him if he had Kentucky and he looked at me kind of confused.  So, I took a Kentucky keychain, gave him a few dollars and thanked him.  He again looked at me oddly.  As I walked off, my wife reminded me that many of the Amish speak Dutch in their homes, and they don't learn English until they get to school.  I was literally speaking to the young man in a foreign language.

We walked on.  There is a great shop here that sells ice cream and they have various bottled sodas.  I noticed that they had our Kentucky favorite, Ale-8 among others!

ANOTHER great shop I like here is Catalpa Trading Company.  In some ways, it is a very standard novelty shop.  BUT, they have a focus on magic.  I walked in here the first time a few years ago, and the owner/magician did a few tricks and told some jokes.  The man is hysterical.  Well, I found out that they have now opened a theater attached to the shop and he does do actual half hour magic shows!