USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial
On the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

State Capitol, Indianapolis Indiana

"This imposing limestone structure houses the governmental machinery of the State.  The Indiana State Flower is the blossom of Tulip tree."

I am not sure of the date of this postcard, but the buildings around the area look taller now!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Phipps Conservatory, Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, PA.

This postcard was sent in 1959!  The description on the back says-

A garden done with a flare for modern design in the floral arrangements, background and choice of accessories and lighting fixtures.  Always a popular garden because it is so practical.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bertha's- Fell's Point, MD

I mentioned Bertha's earleir and I wanted to put a seperate post up about it.

We were told this was the local place we had to visit.

I was also told this was a great seafood place to hit too, but we weren't in the mood for seafood.

MANY friends have already complained about the fact that we were in the area and didn't eat a lot of seafood, but we really aren't seafood people.  I did have a nice crabcake on this trip, but one was enough.

So, at Bertha's we ordered an egg and a reuben.  I had the sandwich and it was great!  Like, REALLY great.  The egg was good too, and we were just really glad we went there.

I think it says a lot for a place when you go there and you order something from the menu that the place is not known for and you still like it.

Bertha's is known for their mussel's and we were given several bumper stickers on the way out that suggested, "Eat Bertha's Mussels".  I am trying to think of an appropriate place to put my bumper sticker.

It looks like the restuarant has been there since the 70s and I can see why.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

USS Niagara- Lake Erie, PA

This postcard was sent in 1950.  No description is on the back, though the front notes-

Authentic view of Oliver Perry's Flagship.  The U.S.S. Niagara.  Used in Battle of Lake Erie, in 1918.

Friday, July 27, 2012

World Trade Center- Baltimore, MD

Random Thoughts on Friday

I just wanted to take a second to mention some upcoming entries.

I still have a few Baltimore entries coming up, and a few Pennsylvania mention or two still to come.  I will have some old Chicago postcard posts too!  The Chattanooga area of Tennessee will be the main focus over the next couple of weeks- I just spent several days there.

While we are on Tennessee- I have to say that the state is really growing on me!  Nashville, Chattanooga, and Gatlinburg are all favorite places of mine for a long weekend trip.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pioneer Playhouse in Danville Kentucky

A buddy recently talked me in to checking out Pioneer Playhouse in Danville.  Every season he tries to make it to each of their plays.

We have gone to a couple this year and I really like going!

The theater has been in exsistance since 1950, according to their web site!  I love tradition like that!  I really enjoy being a part of something that has gone on for 6 decades!

The theater and the shops around it feel dated in a very good way.  I doubt a lot has changed on the property since day one.  And, I hope that they continue to resist change.

The night I took the photos in this blog entry, the weather was pure chaos!  The play ("Bottoms Up!") was moved to the Pioneer Playhouse's indoor stage.  Check out the sky over the buildings!  No photoshop there! 

I did see "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" a couple of weeks earlier and we were outside for that one.

I REALLY like the whole outdoor thing, but the indoor venue was cozy too.  In fact, it was very hot for the play I saw outdoors, but it was still great.

It looks like they do 5 plays or so each season, starting a new one every two weeks.  I did recognize several actors in both plays I saw- so these guys are in one play for two weeks, and then starting in an entirely new play right after that!  I would assume they are practicing for one play AS they are publicly performing a different play!

There is something so pleasant about driving out of Lexington on a work night, going to the very casual area of Danville, getting a bite to eat at the local coffee shop, and then catching a play.

Similar to other loves in my life (baseball) the Pioneer Playhouse has too short of a season!  I am trying to arrange my schedule to make sure I catch each of their remaining plays this year, though there are only a couple left.  AND, I look forward to strategically planning to catch each play again next year.

Benjamin Harrison House- Indianapolis IN

If you are in the Indianapolis area, make a point to stop by and tour the Benjamin Harrison House!

We stopped by not too long ago and really enjoyed our tour.  The house is full of authentic relics associated with Harrison.  In fact, we were impressed with the number of authentic items, and the general lack of repros.

The house actually allows a good amount of access to the building ,and our tour guide was much more casual than at some similar sites.  The experience was more comparable to visiting a friends home than touring a presidents house.

it was funny, our tour guide was from Indiana, and the only other couple touring the house was from Illinois, and we were representing Kentucky.  We had a playful argument about which state had the best claim to Abe Lincoln.

I have mentioned my love for Indianapolis many times on this blog, and places like this reinforce my feelings for this great town.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Civil War Museum Bardstown

We stopped by the Civil War Museum in Bardstown recently!

I can not stress enough just how awesome this place is!

Their collection of authentic items from the Civil War is unbelievable.

I have mentioned before that I really enjoy authentic relics.  I like looking at an item and knowing that it was on the battlefield when something happened.  You know you are standing next to real history.  Standing next to a replica is no big deal.

I will be spending more time at this museum.  it is the kind of place you need to set aside a whole day for a visit.  I only had a few hours, and I feel the need to go back down when I have more time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garfield House, Mentor, OH

We swung by the James Garfield House in Mentor Ohio this past winter.  Sadly, we went on a day when it was not open!

I took a few pictures though, and I have put them up here now since I am covering Presidents and Washington....

I will have to make it back on a day when they are open!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gettysburg, PA postcards

The top postcard shows the Lincoln Speech Memorial in Gettysburg. The card stresses that this is a speech memorial, and not a memorial to Lincoln.

The bottom postcard shows the Meade Memorial.


No date or location is on this postcard, but it reminds me of Owensboro.