Custer State Park in South Dakota

Custer State Park in South Dakota
We saw a LOT of these guys at Custer State Park in South Dakota!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Woodland Park Art Fair- Lexington

Here are a few pictures from the recent Woodland Park Art Fair. This is one of my favorites, as admission is free, and they have a couple of hundred vendors. There are some great paintings and photos here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Friends Horse Farm- Lexington

Check out Old Friends Equine near Georgretown. I love this place, and it is ran almost entirely on donations! It is a thoroughbred retirement facility, and there are several legends here!

The staff gives free tours pretty constantly. We took some friends from out of town recently and they loved it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

LOVE at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

The famous sculpture by Robert Indiana is on display at the art museum in Indianapolis! You can walk right up to it and touch it!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Thoughts On Friday

October is almost here!

I recently visited Point Peasant, WV and attended their very odd Mothman Festival! Very neat town, very cool trip. I will get some photos up soon as Point Pleasant would be a great place to visit in October!

Also, we visited Hillbilly Hot Dogs! WOW! I don't want to over hype a place, because this place has gotten a lot of exposure lately, but believe the hype. This place is really cool, affordable AND they have great dogs!

I am again over due in getting pictures up. Both Hillbilly Hot Dogs and Point Pleasant were photogenic.

Also, I am going through all of my books I have read on my bookshelves looking for creepy, scary, strange tales that are worthy of Halloween Season readings. I plan to get up at least a book review every couple of days during October. I know I have some really odd books about hauntings, true crimes, and odd stuff in general.

I HAVE let a lot of people borrow books though. I know many of my "Haunted Ohio" books are out.

For now, check out my old post from last year concerning "Creepy Ohio Books." Chris Woodyard has the very extensive "Haunted Ohio" series that gives stories and locations of MANY odd places in the state.

John Kachuba has put some great material out there too. I like his descriptions of the places he visits.

Also, "Southwest Ohio Is Haunted" is a great read. I mention this books here because they are no longer in my collection currently, so I cannot get a review up on them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant- Lexington, KY

I just want to take a moment and give a mention to my all time favorite Mexican restaurant anywhere, which just happens to be in Lexington, Jalapenos. I have never had a bad experience here, but I have always had great food.

I love this place. Its a 10. Seriously. Go there now!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Indiana State Museum Indianapolis

The Indiana State Museum is ANOTHER one of the great museums in Indianapolis. This is one of the nicest all around museums I have visited in some time. In fact, this museums biggest competition in my books would come from the same town.

This museum has a great section on minerals, fossils, world history, and state history. The military and pop culture are covered too. The top floor has a lot of art. Oh, and the tall Indiana sculpture by Robert Indiana is awesome. Click on the picture and take a look.

I know this sounds weird, but they have a very nice, classy cafeteria here. Very clean and pleasant. We set out on their patio area and took in the great view of the town, its water way, and its skyline. Click on that view to and take it in.

Their gift shop is two stories! I have picked up some cool Cherub items here (see my previous and future posts on the Indianapolis Cherub, one of my favorite Christmas icons). I also found some great gifts, and postcards here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Postcards: Mammoth Cave

I really love the top postcard. It is unused, but someone wrote 1918 on the back in pencil.

I really enjoy finding cool old photos of the groups going inside the Historic entrance.

The bottom card is linen, but it is a very nice photo. It reads:

Here the Almighty has placed treasures of beauty like jewels in an earthen casket. Enchanting, indeed, is the beauty of Fairy Grotto and numerous vaulted chambers, the largest having an area of two acres and a roof 125 feet high. Star chamber, with a ceiling of black manganese, is studded with innumerable crystals of snowy gypsum. The most beautiful section of the Cave is known as Violet City.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Thoughts On Friday

I am excited about the season changing right now! I am going to try to get some creepy, ghostly type book reviews up soon. I like weird and odd books that make you look over your shoulder. This is a great season for reading that sort of book, and I have read many.

Also, I am really finding some great info on the USS Indianapolis and her crew! I am going to devote a lot of space to that ship and other military items in November.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shakertown Art Festival

The Shakertown art festival was very nice. I have been hitting this one yearly. I think it is $10 to get in, but that includes admission to the buildings.

Berea Spoonbread Festival

Spoonbread Festival this weekend too in Berea. 'nuff said.

Kentucky Explorer Magazine- September 2010

I have to put another plug in for the Kentucky Explorer magazine.

I don't know if they did this on purpose or not, but the recent September issue (shown to the left) is packed with strange stories.

Stories about lost tombstones, murder, and the ghost of a bridge (spoiler alert: it was actually a pet dog) are part of this issue.

A new theory on the Hatfield/McCoy feud is discussed.

There is some nice info on Carter Caves with some pictures from the 1970s.

Again, I am ready to get my Halloween season going, and this issue of "Kentucky Explorer" is just perfect!

Dinosaurs at the Louisville Zoo!

Dinosaurs are at the Louisville Zoo! Check out the link above!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Postcards: Country Club Plaza, Kansas City

This is a really cool area we hit on our trip through Kansas. More on that.

The top card (the fountain) is the only one with writing on the back.

"The statuary is all bronze- set in an 80-foot diameter pool. Electric pumps in an underground room recirculate the water to form the nine fountain streams. Located at 47th Street and J. C. Nichols Parkway, near the entrance to the famed Country Club Plaza shopping center, this beautiful fountain is a constant reminder of Kansas City's beauty and culture- the 'City of Fountains.'"

The city, and this specific area, are very underrated.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mothman Festival- Point Peasant, WV

Hey, if you are in the central or eastern part of the state, you can hit the Mothman Festival with short day trip drive!

Here is the link! Start your Halloween season madness now!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Creation Museum- Petersburg, KY

The Creation Museum near Cincinnati is overwhelming. They have several theaters, robot dinosaurs, fossils and a petting zoo. Their planetarium was dizzying.

I know the place is a bit controversial, so I will let these few photos speak for themselves. I would not want my blog to be a place for debating religious thought- there are other venues for that. Still this place is an interesting place, and it is in Kentucky.

I will allow a very small bit of self disclosure on this one. My visit to the museum was with some very dear friends, with whom my opinion on this topic differs greatly.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Thoughts On Friday

It has been a nice, short work week for me, and the weather has been nice!

I did step outside today, and someone somewhere was burning something (I assume- and hope- that they were doing in a safe, controlled way). But it was that nice fall burn smell.

There have been a couple of mornings that have been a little cool. Not exactly feeling that fall is here yet, but the signs are there.

Personally, I will be staying close to home this weekend. There is the previously mentioned stamp show in Lexington. George Strait and Reba are at the Rupp tonight.

There is a Gem and Jewelry show at Rupp this weekend too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lexington Gem and Mineral Show

My buddy Troll took me to the recent Gem and Mineral show at the convention center connected to Rupp Arena. I had a great time! Admission was $1, and I found some cool jewelry for future presents and some interesting minerals and fossils.

I will try to get a notice on this blog when other shows come up.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts On Friday

Hey, there is a lot going on around the state right now! It is still hot, but word is things are about to cool off!

Hey, Check out the above link. London Kentucky is having a Vietnam Veterans parade on the weekend of October 9th. London just went up about 20 points on the old coolometer. This is pure class on the part of London and I will be following this event.

There is a stamp show in Lexington the weekend of September 11th. I am having trouble finding info on line about that one. Looks like it is again at the Ramada.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Indiana World War Memorial Plaza, Indianapolis

I recently had the chance to visit one of my favorite cities, Indianapolis, again. I was able to make a trip through the Museum at the Indiana World War Memorial! Indianapolis has at least 5 solid museums that each deserve a full day of exploration! Here are some pictures I took while at the War memorial Museum. Oh, and there are many highlights. I have left out the USS Indianapolis room, as I mentioned that in a previous post.

This is a great museum with a ton of great life sized dioramas. There are jeeps, uniforms, and a helicopter. Pretty much every war is covered. The museum is thorough and fascinating. And there is no ticket charge (there is a place for donations if you feel you should donate).

It would be easy to post hundreds of pictures of this museum. The authentic relics are abundant, along with descriptions of the items.