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West Baden Springs Indiana
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Columbia College, Owensboro, KY

Anyone have info on Columbia College? I can't find much else, besides this postcard, about it!


jimerado said...

I got an email from Bill recently, giving some info on this one-

On your blog page "Kentucky Travels", you posted a picture post card of Columbia College in Owensboro and asked (Monday, April 9, 2012) in anyone had info.

In 1895, my great grand uncle, Charles L Reynolds, taught art (painting) at the college. In researching it, I learned it was founded in 1886 and existed until 1917, with J M Cooney, President. That's all I have. I'd be interested in whatever else you learn about this school.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather, Andrew Oberst invested in Columbia College, where two of his nine sons attended - Joe who graduated around 1913, and Frank who enlisted to fight in World War I. After the college failed, Andrew acquired some of the colleges assets including text books and sporting equipment, including some indian clubs, which my father, Gene, used to fasion braces for his deformed feet. After Gene graduated from Owensboro High, using the braces, he became a starter for the Notre Dame football squad, blocking for the four horsemen and acquired a bronze medal in the '24 Olympics.

jimerado said...

HEY! There is some more great info! I JUST looked Gene Oberst up...... Looks like he also spent some time in my old stompin' grounds of Cleveland! Thanks for sharing this!

Adam said...

The "Columbia College" was originally the Richard Monarch house (one of the 4 "Distillers Row" homes) and was later sold due to prohibition. I'm not sure when it became or stopped being the "Columbia College" but it was later bought by the school system in 1927, became Daviess County High School, eventually being torn down and the current DC Middle School being built here.

If you're on Facebook, you may be interested in the "History of Owensboro, KY" group...

jimerado said...

Hey Adam, thanks for the info! I had no idea about the DC Middle School connection!
I will check out the FB group! Thanks!