Spring Mill State Park in Indiana

Spring Mill State Park in Indiana
Spring Mill State Park in Indiana

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Grave Creek Mound- Moundsville

About a one minute walk from the West Virginia State Penitentiary is Grave Creek Mound.

I think that everyone who visits one, visits the other.  It would kind of be wrong not to.  AND it is cool that these two very unusual stops are clustered together.

We stopped by after our prison tour.  There is a great small museum next to the mound.  We saw some interesting displays on Marble King marbles, which are made nearby, and on glass.

I was really impressed with an area of the museum dealing with relic collecting.  There was a nice arrowhead display.  Next to the display was information about how the old tools were of limited value, as the person who collected them did not record information on where and when they were gathered.

After visiting the museum, we walked to the top of the mound.  We could see all around Moundsville.  It was a great experience.

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