Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Friday, April 8, 2016

Mission San Jose- San Antonio Texas

Building started on the San Jose Mission in 1768.  it would become known as the Queen of the Missions.

From a brochure given out at the National Park office at the mission:
"The Franciscan friars' objective was to convert indigenous hunters and gatherers into Catholic, tax-paying subjects of the King of Spain.  The Indians' struggle for survival against European disease and raiding Lipan Apaches led them to the missions and to forfeit their culture.  Everything changed for these neophytes: diet, clothing, religion, culture- even their names.  They were required to learn two new languages, Latin and Spanish, as well as new vocations."

The church at this mission is still used by a congregation, thought the grounds officially ceased being a mission in 1824.

We ended up spending a bit of time at this Mission, which is ran by the National Park Service.  We took a great tour with a guide who talked a lot about daily life and events at the Mission.

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