Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Yoder's Amish Home in Millersburgh Ohio

I mentioned Yoder's Amish Home in Millersburgh Ohio last year.  Well, we stopped there again this year because we loved it so much. 

If you read that entry from 2015, I said that I would stop here again just to get another fried apple pastry.  Well, I got two this time, and they were just as good as last time.  And, just like last time, very polite young Amish ladies were cooking treats up as you toured the house, and you could buy them at the end of the tour.  Our friend wanted cookies that were fresh made, and the Amish ladies were very kind abut accommodating us.

On this trip, we also did the buggy ride and toured the school house.  The buggy ride was very fun, and our friendly buggy driver told us about how the Amish pick a horse and how dependable they can be.  He was funny and fun!

At the Amish school house, there was an actual local Amish school teacher who told us about how their schooling works!  This was very fascinating, and she was happy to tell us all about the school day and what is involved.  We asked about discipline.  The teacher told us that she can discipline as needed... and the fact that she can do this usually prevents her from having to!  Also, the teachers may be asked to teach again the next year, or they may not.  There is no tenure type of situation for them.

The teacher seemed very friendly and proud of what she does as a teacher.  As we left, we thought she would make a great school board leader anywhere!

The tours here aren't rushed, and there is really no set leaving time.  They have a cool farm with lots of animals too, so you can kind of take your time, hang out, and enjoy the authentic Amish vibe going on here.  Yoder's is a must stop on every trip to the area as far as I am concerned.

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