Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Green Mountain Inn in Stowe Vermont

We stayed at some very nice, upscale, cozy Inns on this trip.  We loved them all.  Well, the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe Vermont was another very cool and historic place to stay.

We checked in a bit early, and we were thrilled with our room.  It was very nice.  We did notice some garbage in a garbage can, and we immediately called housekeeping about this.  A very kind lady came in and took care of it, apologized, and said that it was her fault personally that the garbage can had been ignored!  I was very impressed with how quickly it was taken care of, and by the fact that someone took responsibility for this small mistake.

We enjoyed some tea and cookies set out in the evening.  We thought this was a nice touch.  We also relaxed in rocking chairs on the Inns front porch!

We walked around town some, and checked things out.  I mentioned before that this is a very nice, walkable area.  There is a lot to do right around the hotel.

That evening, we had dinner in their restaurant.  We had a very sweet waitress named Barb.  The food was good here too!  I had a great Reuben and fries. 

One big thing that the Green Mountain Inn had on its competition was a Presidential connection.  Chester Arthur spent some time here, and so did Gerald Ford.

Both of these visits are kind of curious and unique.  Arthur was a local guy, but he is noted as being here while performing in a play.

Future never elected President Gerald Ford was here way before his political career got moving.  He did a photo shoot while working as a young model!  There are some photos and displays on the hotels presidential connections by the elevator.

As we checked out, the friendly front desk staff gave us a punch card and explained their loyalty program to us.  It is pretty cool actually.  Our card never expires (so if we don't get back to the area for several years, that's OK).  It was an easy to understand and utilize program.

This was the last historic hotel we would stay at while in Vermont and it was a real treat!

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