Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn
The cruise ship Norwegian Dawn, by the Big Fiddle in Sydney Nova Scotia.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Coffee Grinder- Point Pleasant West Virginia

We were in Point Pleasant West Virginia again the other day.  Seems like I pass through there regularly these days, which is cool with me.

I have mentioned my appreciation for this little town, and its strange history many times.....  and I am sure that I will mention it many more.

Point Pleasant has such a rich and weird past as a river town, and as a town forever connected to the Mothman.  AND it is just a cool little town.

Anyway, we didn't have a lot of time, but I was in desperate need of some coffee as we headed home from a long weekend trip.  Luckily, this area was not out of the way, and I was able to get some coffee from the Coffee Grinder!

This is such a great little independent family ran place.  The people running it are always great when we stop by.

PLUS, they sell Mothman Coffee and Mothman cookies!  One of those cookies or a bag of beans FROM Point Pleasant is a pretty cool gift to take back home to someone!

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