Gatlinburg TN

Gatlinburg TN
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Shelbyville Kentucky Antique Malls

Have you taken the time to visit all of the cool antique malls in Shelbyville?  Man, there are so many great little towns all around me!  Even the ones I am familiar with seem to impress me in new ways all the time!

So, we were driving through Shelbyville the other day and we realized that there were a lot of neat little businesses around, mostly nice antique malls.

We stopped in to several, all were clean and neat.  None were of the common, not much to be found variety.  All were easy to navigate, and we had cool finds in each of them.  I had some interesting postcard, book, and matchbook finds.

We really enjoyed the Calico Cat Antique Mall.  We had a great time checking this place out, and the staff was helpful and interesting.  I talked to one guy working the counter who seemed interested in what we collected. 

One of the antique malls had a coffee shop inside as part of the business!  Combining antiques and coffee might be one of the coolest business combos I can think of!

The buildings housing the antique shops were old and interesting too.  I would like to know more about the businesses that were there before.


Samantha Tanner said...

Hi Jim, Don't forget to go down Washington St (the other 1-way)as well. There are a few of us little shops there too. Such as Baehr's Den Collectibles.

jimerado said...

Hey Samantha! Yes, we are hoping to get back down there soon.... there is so much more to see. Shelbyville is such a great and overlooked area! I will have to stop by Baehr's Den Collectibles!