Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Monday, May 16, 2016

Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown Texas

Texas is actually a very nice area for cave fans.  There are some really interesting and historic show caves to explore.

Inner Space Cavern was at the top of my list of caves I hoped to visit on our Texas trip because of its uniqueness in the way it was discovered.  In 1963, the Texas highway Department was doing work constructing Interstate 35 when they made this discovery!  Tools were being sucked into the ground as they worked, and they finally realized that there was a huge cave right underneath of their construction area!  Three short years later, this newly discovered cave was open for visitors!

Since the cave was found so recently, it is exceptionally well preserved.  People didn't rush in immediately and paint their names on the walls.  No one came in and broke off formations to take home with them.

It looks like those lucky discoverers in 1963 were likely the first humans in the cave, though animal remains were plentiful.  It seems that in some areas, animals fell through sinkholes, and could not get back to the surface.  Luckily for the animals in the area, all natural entrances closed up 14,000 years ago.

We arrived early in the morning, and explored the gift shop area as we waited for our tour to begin.  One thing that I found to be very unique in their gift shop was a gumball machine that sold rocks gems.  For a whopping fifty cents, I ended up getting a piece of a dinosaur bone found in Utah!  I was pretty happy!

The gift shop here is well stocked and attractive.  I did find a nice book on the cave for a few dollars.  I was impressed with the fact that a cat hangs out in the gift shop.

After our time inside, our guide (I think her name was Elinor) lead us to the cave!

The entrance is right under the gift shop (see photo).  They do take photos once inside of the cave that they sell for $12 back inside after the tour.  Yes, for $12 I will always buy the souvenir photo- and I let them know that I was impressed by the fact that they did not use green screen.

And the cave itself is very nice.  Our guide pointed out several formations, and told us stories involving the ones that resembled fairytale characters.  The cave had the usual features (bacon, water drops hitting your head, lights out, etc.).  We were shown areas where tools had fallen during the discovery of the cave.

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