Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Buckhorn Inn B&B Gatlinburg Tennessee

Part of me is very excited to bring up the very comfortable Buckhorn Inn in Gatlinburg Tennessee.  Part of me doesn't want to talk about it, because I want to make sure I can get a reservation next time I am in the area!  This B&B is so nice though, they deserve to be noticed and noted.

The Buckhorn Inn is only a few miles away from the main strip of Gatlinburg, but it is perfectly out in a secluded area of town.  You're close enough to the Gatlinburg sites that you can easily get to them, but you are far enough away that you know you have gotten away from it all.

After exploring the Inn a bit and getting comfortable, you realize that this is the kind of place that is worth a road trip on its own.  To be honest, we changed some of our plans so that we could spend some more time here.

The Buckhorn Inn has a main building with their traditional rooms, mostly all on the 2nd floor.  There are several guest houses and cottages on the property nearby. 

On the main floor of the main building, the Inn offers breakfast and dinner each day.  Seating in the evening is at 7pm, and a 4-course meal is provided.  It is $35 per person for the evening meal.  Breakfast is included with your stay.

I am including a couple of photos from our dinner and from breakfast, but the pictures don't do justice to our meals.  The meals were plentiful and amazing.  I believe I had my all time greatest food coma after our dinner here- and I mean that in a glorious way.

Each meal seemed so complete and classy.  You are taken care of by the great staff at the Buckhorn.  They seemed to be taking care of our needs pretty constantly through our meals, and during our entire stay.  Everyone was pleasant and seemed to enjoy contributing to the legacy of this great old Inn.

There are hiking trails around the Inn, and the Buckhorn has a large labyrinth.  I am not up on labyrinths, but I did read a flyer at the hotel.  It seems that labyrinths are used for prayer and meditation.  One may start a prayer as they start the maze or path, and finish when they get to the center.  I had more of an appreciation for it after reading about it.

We were able to read on the back porch one evening, as rockers are provided.  Looking up from our books, our view was dominated by Mt. Le Conte. 

I could very easily go on and on about this place.  The Buckhorn Inn is one of the most relaxing places I have ever been to, and I give it my highest recommendation.

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