Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Willie's Locally Known in Lexington Kentucky

I wanted to give a quick mention to Willie's Locally Known in Lexington.  They just moved to my neck of the woods, and I have been going there for lunch a LOT lately!  They have concerts here and all, but I have only been able to stop by during the day.

They draw a good crowd, but they are quick.  If there is a line, it moves fast and I have never had trouble getting a table, even on a busy day.  You place your order, take a number, and then they bring your food out to your table.  Again, I have never had to wait long.

But I have been going there a lot lately because these guys have great food and the portions are big!  Their prices are great for what ya get!  I have been getting their pick 2 deal ($7.99) or their pick 3 deal (for $8.99).  Both deals come with a drink, AND their fountain drink options include Cheerwine (I am glad that drink is making its way into the area, by the way).  I love their salad and turkey club.  They also serve burgoo, which isn't anything like the burgoo I grew up on in the western part of the state, but it is still very tasty.

Check out Willie's when you are in Lexington!

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