Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lost! A Ranger's Journal of Search and Rescue by Dwight McCarter and Ronald Schmidt

I mentioned the book "MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!  Aircraft Crashes in the Smoky Mountains" way back in 2012!  Well, that book's co-author, Dwight McCarter contributed to another fascinating book about search and rescue in the same area.

"LOST!  A Ranger's Journal of Search and Rescue" by the previously mentioned Dwight McCarter and his co-author Ronald Schmidt gives the story of about a dozen rescues that McCarter was involved in.  The chapters are taken from his journal, and each one is its own little short story.

All are fascinating.  Some end very happily with a successful rescue.  Some end sadly with the discovery of a body.  AND, Dwight gives his firsthand account of the search for Dennis Martin- possibly one of the saddest stories associated with the Smoky Mountains.

Dates and times are noted in the journal so you get a bit of a play by play kind of feel as the search continues.

This book is a very interesting and easy to read volume for anyone who has ever explored the Smoky Mountains.

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