Fort Negley Nashville Tenn

Fort Negley Nashville Tenn
Nashville Skyline from Fort Negley in Tennessee

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Grand Hyatt San Antonio Texas

So, this time while in San Antonio, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt.  I am getting used to staying at Grand Hyatts (here I mention my stay last year at the one in New York City)- they are nice.

Last year, we had a room at the OTHER Hyatt right across from the Alamo, and we liked that one a lot too.

This one had a lot going for it, and we were very lucky to have access to their Grand Club which offered a nice breakfast in the morning, snacks through the day, and bottled waters and drinks!

In the grand club, there were plenty of places to hang out and relax.  Out one window you could see the Tower of the Americas which was very nice.  They also had one of those cool self serve coffee machines where you just press a button, and your Americano comes right out!

THIS was a very nice value.  In fact, we ended up spending a good amount of time hanging out in the Grand Club, as it was roomy and comfortable.  We would go in in the mornings, and have breakfast.  We would take bottled waters with us for the road.  We would come back in the afternoon and evening for light snacks.  There were a couple of very sweet ladies in there in the mornings (Judy and Jen) who gave us some trail mix on our way out too!

There was a very nice and modern bar at the hotel too, and we had a couple of meals there.  I LOVED their brisket tacos.

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