Custer State Park in South Dakota

Custer State Park in South Dakota
We saw a LOT of these guys at Custer State Park in South Dakota!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Wings Etc Marietta- Marietta Ohio

I wanted to give a huge endorsement to Wings Etc. Grill and Pub in Marietta Ohio.

I know, wing and bar places are pretty common, but I love it when I find one that is exceptional.

AND this place is.  We stopped here for lunch one day on our last road trip and we loved it. 

Wings Etc. in Marietta had a very local feel.  Jerseys from local teams were on the walls.  A lot of people in the place (staff and customers) seemed to know each other.  We saw a lot of families here too.

We had a great waitress who was very sweet and on the ball.  I didn't catch her name but she was everywhere, and she kept our cups full.

I had a buffalo chicken wrap and slaw.  My wife had a chicken sandwich and tots. 

You never know what to expect when you order at a new place.  Some places really go all out on presentation.  You might have a little flag or something sticking out of your sandwich.  I've had small toys brought out with my food before too.  I always worry that these gimmicks are to distract from the food and possible food flaws.

Well, check out the photos!  Our food was brought out in a very simple presentation.  No need for flashy displays......

But it all tasted great!  My wife said that her chicken sandwich was possibly the best she has ever had.  My wrap and slaw were perfect too.  Also, it was not too messy- I have had a lot of buffalo wraps fall apart on me.  Not this time!

This is a nice sports bar too.  There were several ball games on, and I was distracted by some MMA fights.  All their bases were covered.

Like I said, we love this area, and Wings Etc. will be a must stop on future trips.....

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