Gatlinburg TN

Gatlinburg TN
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Frothy Monkey Nashville TN

We were hoping to stop by the Frothy Monkey in Franklin when we were there a couple years ago, but time got away from us.  We were super excited to see one was within walking distance of our hotel while we were in Nashville!

AND, this place ended up being great and convenient for us, we went for lunch one day, and we went for dinner the next.

It was very busy on the first day we went but they seemed to handle it all well.  We ordered drinks and sandwiches at the counter, then we found a nice table in their upstairs area.  We sat at a table next to a window.  It ended up raining heavily while we were there, and watching the rain as we enjoyed our sandwiches was very pleasant.

We brought books with us too, and we ended up reading after our meal, and just enjoying the calm vibe.

Our sandwiches came with chips and salsa.  My wife is big on bread, and she really liked the bread they used.  We both loved our sandwiches, and we also got a cookie for dessert after we finished our meal.  They were huge.

We really enjoyed our lunch here, so we made a point to come back the next day.

After five, they do a table service type of thing, and they have some different menu options.  I had a really tasty burger this evening.  We also had some great desserts.

We had a super friendly young waitress who was on the ball and took care of us.

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